by Ken Trivette

Ken D. Trivette
Genesis 14

1. According to the Canadian Army Journal, since 3600
BC, the world has known only 292 years of peace.
During this period there have been 14,531 wars, large
and small, in which 3,640,000,000 (3 billion, 640
million) people have been killed. The value of
destruction would pay for a golden belt around the
world 97.2 miles in width, and 33 feet thick.1

2. Gustave Valbert, according to his computations,
said that between the years 1496 BC, to AD, 1861,
there was 13 years of war to every year of peace.2

3. A little boy once asked his father, "Dad, how do
wars begin?" "Well, take the First World War," said
his father. "That got started when Germany invaded
Belgium." Immediately his wife interrupted him and
said, "Tell the boy the truth. It began when somebody
was murdered." The husband snapped back, "Are you
answering the question or am I?" The wife stiffened up
and in a huff stormed out of the room, slamming the
door as hard as she could. The little boy finally
broke the uneasy silence. "Daddy, you don't have to
tell me how wars began; I know now."

4. As we have said on several occasions, Genesis is
the book of beginnings. Before is in chapter 14, we
have the first recorded war in history. We are not
sure if this was the first war in history, but it is
the first record of a war.

5. We find a coalition of kings, 4 against 5, in war
against each other. I guess you could call this the
Dead Sea War, for verse 3, tells us that these kings
met in conflict in the Salt Sea (Dead Sea) area.

6. The background to the story finds that the kings of
Sodom and Gomorrah and three other neighboring cities
had been ruled and dominated for 12 years by
Chedorlaomer, the king of Elam.

7. They decided that they had had enough. In the
thirteenth year they rebelled only to be defeated in
the fourteenth year and the dominion of Chedorlaomer

8. ...

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