by Ken Trivette

Ken D. Trivette
Genesis 12:9 - 13:1-4

1. There are times in our Christian life that we find ourselves going forward
and at times we find ourselves going backward. Sometimes we find that we
need to go forward because we have gone backwards. Yet there are times
that we find that the way forward is backward.

2. Such is the case before us in the life of Abraham. We see Abraham going
forward because he went backward. He had been going forward then went
backward, thus he had to go backward in order to go forward.

3. Did you get all that? You may feel like the employees of a certain
department store that received the following memo:

From: Marketing
To: Sales
Subject: Marketing Forecast

Sales and income figures show an easing up of the rate at which business
is easing off. This can be taken as ample proof of the government's
contention that there's a slowing-up of the slow-down. Now, to clarify that,
it should be noted that a slowing-up of the slow-down is not as good an
upturn in the downturn. On the other hand, it's a good deal better than
either a speed-up of the slowdown or deepening of the downturn. Also, it
suggests that the climate is about right for an adjustment of the
readjustment to rate structures. Now, turning specifically to rates. We find
a very definite decrease in the rate of increase. This clearly shows there
should be a letting up of the letdown. Of course, if the slow-down should
speed up, the decrease in the rate of increase rates would turn an increase
in the rate of decrease. And finally, the inflation of the recession would turn
the recession into a depression while a deflation in the rate of inflation
would give the impression of a recession in the depression.1

4. If you are confused about Abraham going forward and then going
backward, thus having to go backward in order to go forward, let's notice
the story and the meaning will become clear.

1. THE FAM ...

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