by Ken Trivette

Captain Noah and His Unsinkable Ship
Ken D. Trivette
Genesis 6-7

1. The most famous ship that ever sailed was the H.M.S. Titanic. In her day, she was a state of the art Ocean liner, 882.5 ft long; her beam 92.5 ft, and 60.5 ft from water line to boat deck. She consisted of 9 decks. She was designed to remain afloat with any 2 compartments flooded, possibly three.

She could carry 329 passenger's first class, 285 passengers 2nd class, and 710 passengers 3rd class. On her maiden voyage across the Atlantic, she carried 2227 on board. When she sank on April 15, 1912, of her 2227 passengers and crew, only 705 survived. It was widely regarded that the ''Olympic Class'' liners were largely unsinkable and were themselves lifeboats. In fact, the boast was made that the Titanic was the unsinkable ship.

2. The only ship that is better known is the H.M.S. Deliverance and. it's Captain, a man by the name of Noah. It was indeed an unsinkable ship.

3. Captain Noah has captured the heart of many an earnest believer and his unsinkable ship has been the object of speculation and search for many a year.

4. Its construction, its cargo and crew, its maiden and final voyage are of such importance, nearly 3 chapters are taken up to tell its story. Let's consider the story of Captain Noah and his unsinkable ship.


1. Two of the saddest verses in the Bible describe the conditions of Noah's day. We read in Genesis 6:5-6, ''And GOD saw that the wickedness of man, was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. [6] And it repented the LORD that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart.''

2. Things were so bad in those days that it grieved God that he had ever made man. The wickedness of man broke the heart of God. It ripped His heart apart to see how His creation was living.

A. It Was A Time Of Spiritual Departure.

1. Notice Genesis 6:1-3, ''And it came ...

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