by Ken Trivette

What Went Wrong
Ken D. Trivette
Genesis 3:1-24

1. In the beginning there was a perfect planet and a perfect pair. Everything was healthy, happy, and holy. There was no sorrow or sickness. There was no cancer or crime. There was no tears or tragedies. There was no pain or problems.

2. What a contrast to the world today. I once read that every 24 hours, 93 Americans died from guns; 16,000 were raped, mugged, or robbed; 274 babies were born exposed to illicit drugs; 2,748 children quit school; Washington paid over $100 million to foreign creditors and interest on the debt; 355 U.S. companies went belly-up; and 5,500 Americans lost their jobs."

3. The FBI estimates that 83% of Americans will be victims of crime at some point in their lives.

4. The FBI also says that violent crime has become the major problem in American society. A murder occurs every 21 minutes, a rape every 5 minutes, a robbery every 45 seconds, and aggravated assault every 29 seconds.1

5. Every 5 minutes an American teenager is arrested for a drug or alcohol offense: over 80,000 a year. Every 30 minutes an American teenager is arrested for drunk driving: nearly 20,000 a year.2

6. The World Heath Organization estimates that as many as ten million people are already infected by the HIV virus. Currently, over 500,000 Americans are being diagnosed with MDS each year. They predict that by the year 2,000, at least 30 million will be infected with MDS worldwide.3

7. I read that on an average day there are 1.1 million patients in hospitals.

8. Now when you consider all this in light of the fact that in the beginning everything was perfect, you can't help but ask the question WHAT WENT WRONG?

9. Genesis chapter 3 tells us what went wrong. In a nutshell, man said no to God and yes to the devil and we have been paying for it ever since.

10. Lets notice what went wrong.


1. Notice Genesis 2:1-17, "And the LORD God commanded ...

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