by Ken Trivette

A Garden Wedding
Ken D. Trivette
Genesis 2:18-25

1. Through the years I have heard of some unusual weddings. I read about a couple from Little Rock, Arkansas. Ann Smith and Jim Garner were married atop a telephone pole. They were both telephone linemen. The wedding took place on a gravel road with about 40 people present. The couple, wearing jeans, instead of the customary wedding dress, hitched on climbing gear and ascended to a gaily decorated cross bar where a bucket of champagne and goblets awaited. The Justice of the Peace stood on the ground and shouted out to them their wedding vows.

2. I also read about a Mary Campbell of Elgin, Illinois that had to say "I do" three times at three different weddings before she finally became Mrs. Randy Peterson. The couple took out their wedding license in Kane County and made all the arrangements for their wedding at the Smyrna Freewill Baptist Church in Ontarioville. It was a beautiful wedding but the Church was in Du Page County, not Kane County and they were told the ceremony didn't count. They packed up their wedding party and moved on to Lord's Park on the eastern edge of Elgin. They were married the second time in the shaded park with its quaint bridge over a quiet lagoon. However, a sharp-eyed copy editor at the Elgin Daily Courier-News was reading a report on the wedding when he noticed another problem. The park they were married in the second time was in Cook County, about 200 feet from the Kane County line. The third ceremony took place in the newsroom of the Courier-News, a good mile inside the Kane county line. They were finally married in the eyes of the law.

3. I heard about a young preacher that was performing his first wedding. He was more nervous than the bride and groom. He did all right until he got to the end and said, "It is kisstomary to cuss the bride."

4. There have been many unusual weddings. Our text tells us about the most unique wedding ever performed. It is unique in that it was t ...

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