by Ken Trivette

The God of Much More
Ken Trivette
2 Chronicles 25:1-9

1. The story before us finds Amaziah, the king of Judah, strengthening and fortifying his army that totals around 300,000 men. He feels that 300,000 is not adequate and sufficient.

2. He first organizes his army by putting a captain over each 1,000 men and a captain over each 100 men within each thousand (Brigades with units in each Brigade). Next he hires 100,000 men from Israel as hired mercenaries for 100 talents of silver.

3. It is shortly thereafter that he has a visit from a prophet with a message from God (Vs.7-8). The prophet tells him that if he wants to go into battle with his 400,000 he is welcome to do so, but he will go without God's blessings. The prophet also tells him that God will see to it that he will fail and be defeated.

5. Why? Amaziah was relying on human means instead of relying upon God. He turned to men rather than to God. He had left God out of all his plans. He did not look to God or lean on God. An army of 300,000 with God's blessings is far more powerful than a army of 400,000 without God's blessings. He had left God out of all he had done.

6. How often in our plans we leave God out and rely on what we can do. All to often we do not trust God and bring him into the picture. Human means at their best are still insufficient. When we feel we are lacking, it is human ability we need, but Divine ability.

7. Within in the message of the prophet was a wonderful word to both Amaziah and our hearts. In answer to Amaziah's question about the money he had spent for the soldiers, the prophet said, ''The Lord is able to give thee much more than this.'' Lets consider this wonderful statement.

''The Lord is able''

1. Do you really believe that God is able?
2. One of the great revelations of the God of the Bible is that He is able!
3. Cp. Mary: She asked, ''How shall this be'' (Lke.1:34) ''For with God nothing shall be impossible'' (Lke.1: ...

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