by Ken Trivette

May I Introduce Myself? I'm God
Ken D. Trivette
Genesis 1:1

1. A young preacher was to preach his first sermon. He asked an old preacher for advice. The old preacher said, "You want a good introduction. A good introduction gets the attention of the people." The young preacher then asked the old preacher if he knew a good introduction. The old preacher said, "There is an introduction that I have used frequently and it has always got the attention of the people. When you get up, look at the people and tell them that the best years of your life were spent in the arms of another woman. Pause for a few seconds and then tell them that woman was your mother.

The young preacher asked, "Are you sure that will get their attention?" The old preacher answered, "Young man, it's a sure-fire attention getter. It always works. But let me warn you to tell your wife about it before you use it."

The Sunday came for the young preacher to preach his first sermon. He got up to preach and was scared to death. He had also forgot to tell his wife about his introduction. Nervously he looked out at the congregation and said, "Folks, the best years of my life were spent in the arms of another woman." He paused. Folk's mouths fell open. People gasped all over the building. His wife jumped up out of her seat and started to the pulpit. He was already scared to death and when he saw the reaction of the people and saw his wife storming up the isle, it really rattled him. He stuttered and said, "And to save my life, I can't remember who it was." I think you would agree he certainly got their attention.

2. In Genesis 1:1, we have an introduction that gets our attention. It is an introduction that not only gets our attention but also holds it throughout the Bible and throughout the ages. God suddenly steps out of eternity and introduces Himself. God steps into history and says to humanity, I AM GOD!

3. The word "Genesis" means "beginnings." In Genesis we see the beginning of all ...

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