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Let's Get Acquainted With Obed-odom (7 of 10)
Let's Get Acquainted Series
Ken Trivette
II Samuel 6: 10-11

1. Professor Nick Stinnett, chairman of the Department of Human Development and the Family at the University of Nebraska, did a "family strengths research project." His study included strong black families as well as white, strong ethnic families and strong single-parent families. His project was not limited to the domestic scene in America, but included strong families in South America, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, and South Africa.

There was only one criterion for being included in the sample of strong families: the families had to rate themselves very high in marriage happiness and in their satisfaction in parent-child relationships.

All sorts of questions were asked of these families such as, "How do you deal with conflict?" and "Do you experience power stuggles?" and "How do you communicate?" The researchers asked questions that provided information about and insight into the entire range of human relationship patterns within each family. The goal? Very simply to find what makes families strong.

Dr. Stinnett writes of his findings:

"All together, we studied 3,000 families and collected a lot of information. But when we analyzed it all, we found six main qualities in strong families. Strong families:
? Are committed to the family,
? Spend time together,
? Have good family communication,
? Express appreciation to each other,
? Have a spiritual commitment,
? And are able to solve problems in a crisis.

2. I found it interesting that Dr. Stinnett found in his research that one of
the elements in a strong family is that they have a spiritual commitment. It is
my opinion that a spiritual commitment is the single most important factor in a
strong family.

3. Dr. M.R. DeHaan wrote:

"The nearest thing to heaven on earth is the Christian family and the home where
husband and wife and parents and children live in love and pea ...

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