by Ken Trivette

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Let's Get Acquainted With Hephzibah (5 of 10)
Ken Trivette
Lets Get Acquainted Series
II Kings 21:1-2

1. Someone has written:

"Mothers come in all sizes, shapes and colors and are found everywhere: at kitchen sinks; hunting lost school books; kissing hurt places to make them well; patching seams and dreams; settling disputes; getting meals; supervising baths and morals."

2. A teacher had just presented a lesson on magnets and magnetic force. Then she quizzed her pupils: "My name starts with the letter M. I have six letters and I pick up things. What am I?" To her amazement all the children answered, Mother!"

3. Someone else has written:

She cooked breakfast first of all
Washed the cups and plates
Dressed all the children and made sure
Stockings were all mates.
Combed their heads and made their beds
Sent them out to play,
Gathered up their motley toys,
Put some books away.
Dusted chairs and mopped the stairs,
Ironed an hour or two,
Baked a jar of cookies and a pie,
Then made a stew.

The telephone rang constantly,
The doorbell did the same,
A youngster fell and stubbed his toe,
And the laundry came.
And when her husband came at six
He said, "I envy you!
It must be nice to sit a home,
Without a thing to do!"

4. A "USA Today Snapshot," listed what moms with kids under age 18 would like to do most on Mother's Day:
* Having time with the family at home 36%
* Go out to dinner 20%
* Go to a spa 20%
* Have a day off 12%
* Go shopping 11%
* Spend day alone 0.3%
(USA Today, 5/6/99)

5. I believe there is one thing that many moms's in this place would want more than anything listed on that list. Even more than having time with the family at home and going out to dinner. That would be to see your children saved and living for God.

6. There are many mom's (parents) in this place today that have children that are unsaved and many that have children that are away from God. If I know your heart, the greatest gift your children ...

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