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Lets Get Acquainted With Eliashib (3 of 10)
Ken Trivette
Let's Get Acquainted Series
Nehemiah 3:1

1. A woman purchased a statue of Christ at an auction. She took it home and placed it on the desk in the den. A few days later she moved it to a table in the living room. A few days later she moved it to the foyer. A few days later she put it on the mantle. Her little girl silently watched the whole ordeal. One morning at the breakfast table, the little girl looked at the mother and asked, "Where are you going to put God today?"

2. The same question could be asked of many a believer: where is God in your life today? All too often the place God has in our life varies from day to day.

3. Alan Redpath said, "Jesus does not come into your life on the basis of a democracy: He comes on the basis of a dictatorship."

4. In other words, the Lord is to have complete charge of our life. He is to be in total control. He is to have more than a place. He is to have even more than prominence. He is to have pre-eminence. He is to have first place in our life. He is to be Lord. There is one place He desires, deserves, and demands and that is first place.

5. As we continue getting acquainted with some of the Old Testament characters that are not so well known, we meet a man that put God first in his life. His name is Eliashib. He was a man that put a gate before his house. Before he would rebuild his house, he rebuilt a gate.

6. When it comes to those that are not well known, Nehemiah chapter three is full of them. If I am not mistaken, there are 38 names in the chapter. It is like reading a phone book. You go down name after name, and ever once in a while, you run across a name you recognize. But for the most part, we have a long list of names that one, we cannot pronounce; and two, we are not acquainted with.

7. Out of all these names we want to look at Eliashib. He is a man that illustrates and demonstrates the matter of Lordship. He is a man that put a gat ...

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