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Lets Get Acquainted With Abiathar: A Young Man That Survived a Massacre (2 of 10)
Ken Trivette
Series: Let's Get Acquainted Series
II Samuel 22

1. In recent days we all have been horrified at the stories that have been coming out of Yugoslavia and Kosovo. It has been estimated, due to the hostilities and ethnic cleansing of Milosevic and the Serb army, more than 600,000 people have fled Kosovo and another 700,000 are trapped inside

The refugees have told stories such as Serbs dousing 60 men with gasoline and burning them alive. A 73 year old economist, who had once been Yugoslavia's representative at the World Bank in Washington, told of bodies by the side of the road and of a man shot between the eyes after being interrogated by the Serbs. Other sources told of an Albanian human-rights lawyer being dragged from his home along with his two sons, their bodies being found the next day at a gas station south of Pristina.

Newsweek told of a long list of alleged atrocities such as 115 men being executed in one town, 200 in another, and 100 in another. The stories tell of towns being burned and Serbs systematically killing well-known Albanian professional and intellectuals. It is one story after another of slaughter and massacres. (Figures from Newsweek, 4/5 and 4/12/99.)

2. Before us in the scripture is another story of slaughter and massacre. It is a story that tells of the murder of 85 priests along with women and children. There was only one survivor. A young man by the name of Abiathar, the son of Ahimelech, the high priest.

3. Abiathar is another not so well known character of the Old Testament that we want to become acquainted with. The name Abiathar means, "father of abundance" or "my father exceeds."

4. Abiathar would become the tenth high priest and King David's trusted companion and counselor. But before there were such happy days, there were horrible days.

5. Abiathar was the sole survivor of the massacre of Nob. Let's look at this c ...

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