by Ken Trivette

Get Your Checkbook Out - It's Sunday
Ken Trivette
I Corinthians 16:1-3

1. Do you realize that the subject Jesus had the most to say about was our money? Jesus gave 38 parables and stewardship is the theme of 16 of those parables. One out of every six verses in Matthew, Mark, and Luke deals with a person and his money. Jesus had more to say about money than he did heaven or hell, or any other subject.

2. That tells me something. First, it tells me that Jesus is very much concerned about our giving and therefore we ought to think about giving on a regular basis. If the Lord thinks so much about our giving, we ought to think much about our giving. In other words, we should take our giving very serious as a Christian. We ought to take very serious what we give, when we give, and why we give.

3. Secondly, when I realize that Jesus had more to say about money than any other subject, I come to the conclusion that we ought to talk about money on a regular basis. We should think seriously about money and talk seriously about money. Someone says, "All that preacher talks about is money." No, that's not all the preacher talks about and that's not all he should talk about in his preaching. But following the Lord's example, he should talk a lot about money and if he doesn't talk a lot about money he is taking lightly what Jesus took seriously.

4. One preacher got up during the Church budget season and said that it was time for the Sermon on the Amount. Well, we do not want to take lightly what Jesus took seriously, so we want to think about our giving and talk about our giving.

5. The Apostle Paul as he closed out his first letter to the Corinthians, gave us some guidelines concerning our giving. If you want to learn about the proper way to give, this passage is second to none in the New Testament.


1. Notice verse one: "Now concerning the collection for the saints, as I have given order to the churches of Galatia, even ...

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