by Ken Trivette

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The Turned Heart of Solomon (2 of 6)
Series: A Spiritual EKG
Ken Trivette
1 Kings 11:1-10

1. On July 22, 1962, the Mariner I was launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida. The Mariner I was programmed to provide the first close-up view of the planet Venus. The flight plan was a thing of beauty. Thirteen minutes into the launch a booster engine would accelerate the spaceship to 25,820 miles per hour. Forty-four minutes into the trip 9,800 solar cells would unfold. Eighty days into the flight a computer would calculate the final course corrections. And after 100 days the craft would circle the mysterious Venus, scanning the heavy clouds which enwrap it, trying to peer at the surface below. That was the plan.

What actually happened was less successful. Mariner I plunged into the Atlantic Ocean four minutes after takeoff. An investigation later revealed that a minus sign had been omitted by mistake from the instructions fed into the computer. A launch spokesman explained how an ultramodern computer had given an ultramodern spaceship the wrong instructions. He said, ''It was human error.'' It was also an $18.5 million loss for the U.S. space program.

2. Before us in God's Word is another story of human error. It is the story of human error that led to human erring. The consequences of this human error was far more costly than a destroyed spacecraft. The cost of this human error was the devastation of a kingdom and defilement of a spiritual life.

3. It is the story of human error on Solomon's part. In him we see a dedicated man becoming a diverted man. We see a man that once possessed a true heart coming to a place in where he possessed a turned heart. One has but to read Solomon's Ecclesiastes to hear him say, ''I made a serious mistake.''

4. As we continue to take a spiritual EKG we see another serious heart condition. We have noticed THE HARD HEART OF PHARAOH, now we see THE TURNED HEART OF SOLOMON. Let's notice this heart condition and examine our own ...

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