by Ken Trivette

The Greatest Investment You Will Ever Make
Ken Trivette
Mark 10:28-31

1. How many of you would like to be millionaires? For over 20 years, Thomas J. Stanley, former professor of marketing at Georgia State University, has been studying how people become millionaires. Stanley states that 80% of America's millionaires are first-generation rich. He also states that they did not become rich because their wealth was handed to them or passed on. In a physicians publication called ''Medical Economics,'' Stanley asks, ''Who tends to become rich? They are not the exotic back-stabbers and dabblers in high finance you see depicted on TV. The average person with a net worth of $1 million or more is usually a businessman who has lived all his adult life in the same town. He owns a small factory, a chain of stores, or a service company. Married once, and still married, he lives in a middle-class neighborhood, next to people with a fraction of his wealth. He's a compulsive saver and investor. And he's made his money on his own.''

2. Many a person of wealth did not just get lucky or have their wealth handed to them. They worked hard, followed certain principles, and invested wisely.

3. Our text describes the portfolio of a follower of the Lord Jesus. It depicts someone that works hard, and invests wisely, and in return becoming rich. It also describes the greatest Investment Company that anyone could ever invest in; Eternal Life Mutual Funds and Stocks.

4. It is an investment that is secured and safe. One never has to worry about a loss or a slump. One can invest aggressively without fear. It is guaranteed the highest interest rate and capital gains of any investment one can make. It has never been listed in Money Magazine, Forbes, and you want find it listed in the business section of the newspaper.

5. Its track record far exceeds that of Vanguard, Franklin, Pioneer, Fidelity and it is the oldest Investment Company in the world with assets that are beyond calculat ...

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