by Ken Trivette

Missing Persons
Ken Trivette
Matthew 24:36-44

1. In the November, 91 issue of People's Weekly, a story bore the headline, "When A Family Vanishes." The article told the story of the Brendle family: Emily, daughter, age 8; Alae, mother, age 49; Ernest, father, age 48. The Brendle family vanished on September 20, 1991. The FBI, state and local police searched for the Brendle's with the aid of helicopter, and tracker dogs, but to no avail. Police believe they were murdered and also believe they have a suspect, but still no bodies have been found. Police Chief Charles Brule said, "The shock-factor here is the disappearance of an entire family."

2. One day the world will awake to the news that another family is missing, a family of millions. The circumstances will be entirely different from the Brendle family, for murder or foul play will not be the cause. It is possible the headlines will read around the world, "Multitudes Have Vanished." Who is that family? It is a spiritual family made up of every child of God. What is the cause of their missing? It is the return of the Lord Jesus for His own.

3. Dr. S.F. Logsdon writes, "'Caught up in the clouds is a detail of revealing importance. It is not the clouds, but simply clouds. Groups on earth are termed 'crowds'; in the air, clouds. Thus, there will be a cloud of saved people going up from every geographical area of the earth (a cloud from Hong Kong, a cloud from Johannesburg, a cloud from Ankara, a cloud from Berlin, a cloud from New York City, a cloud from London, one from Auckland, etc. Believers may be comparatively few among earth's inhabitants, but they are everywhere. All will be caught up!"14

4. One can only imagine the shock created by these missing multitudes. This shock will be international, as the missing will come from every corner of the globe. Theodore C. Danson Smith writes, "One of these days millions of people from all over the world will be found missing ...

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