by Ken Trivette

The Mystery Of The Ages
Ken Trivette
I Corinthians 15:51-52

1. The mountain folks of Western North Carolina are very familiar with the "Brown Mountain Lights." It is said that on a clear night, one can look into the valley of Brown Mountain and see strange lights moving around. No acceptable explanation for the mysterious lights has ever been given.

2. Scientists are said to have done several studies to determine the origin of the lights. Some have suggested it was reflections from nearby Morganton. No one really knows. Mountain folklore says that it is the ghost of a slave searching for the head of his master that was murdered and beheaded.

3. We have all heard of such strange and mysterious happenings. The Bible often speaks of mysteries. In Mark 4:11, Jesus spoke of the "mystery of the kingdom of God." Paul, in Ephesians 5:32, spoke of the relationship between Christ and His Church as a "great mystery." In Colossians 1:26, Paul spoke of the "mystery which hath been hid from ages and from generations."

4. Yet, the mysteries of the Bible are not the same as those of science and folklore. Bible mysteries never refer to some eerie or unexplainable happening. They neither have reference to the unraveling of a criminal plot, as you would find in an Agatha Christie mystery novel. There is no Sherlock Holmes in God's mysteries.

5. The English word "mystery" is a transliteration of a word that referred to the mustees of ancient Greece. A mustee was one who was initiated into and capable of receiving the secrets of the gods that could not be communicated to ordinary mortals.

6. A Biblical mystery is something that no one can know except by revelation. It is a divine and spiritual truth that the human mind cannot discover unless it is spiritually aided. To put it very simply: it is spiritual truths that have been revealed by God or otherwise they could not have been known. Bible mysteries are truths that had been previously hidden.

7. I ...

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