by Ken Trivette

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Coming Home (3 of 14)
Series: The Book of Ruth
Ken D. Trivette
Ruth 1:19-22

1. On November 16, 1811, an unusual thing happened to the Mississippi River. The name ''Mississippi'' comes from an Indian word that means ''big river.'' The river flows some 2,348 miles from its source in northwestern Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico. What happened in 1811 was unprecedented for the river. An earthquake hit the state of Missouri and had a strange effect on the river. For a short period of time the rivers direction was interrupted and it flowed backward.

2. There have been many that found themselves going backward in their Christian life. We find several such in the Bible: Demas (II Tim.4:10), Peter (Mk.14:71), Mark (Acts 15:38), and the classic example of Jonah (Jonah 1:2-3).Instead of a cleaving to the Lord, there is often a leaving of the Lord. Robert Robinson expressed it so well in his great hymn, ''Come Thou Fount.''

Prone to wander, Lord I feel it,
Prone to leave the God I love.''

3. Many could describe their spiritual condition in the words of Kirkpatricks hymn: ''I've wandered far away from God.'' If that be the case may I suggest you say, ''Lord, I'm coming home. The paths of sin, too long I've trod. Lord, I'm coming home.''

4. The scripture before us finds a believer coming home. As we have seen, Naomi has been away from home and away from God. Now we find her coming home and back to God. Naomi was saying, ''I've wasted many precious years, Now I'm coming home. I now repent with bitter tears; Lord, I'm coming home.''

5. In Naomi we see a disturbing example of failure. We see in her the bitter experience of being away from God. Yet, we also have in her a delightful example of forgiveness. We see in her the blessed experience of coming back to God. We read, ''So Naomi returned'' (Vs.22). Lets notice her return.


1. We read, ''So they two went until they were come to Bethlehem'' (Vs.19). Ten years has pass ...

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