by Ken Trivette

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The Word Of The Night-life (4 of 4)
Ken D. Trivette
Series: The Night-life of the Believer
Psalm 119:49-56

1. A preacher was about to leave home on a long journey. As he packed his suitcase, he found that he had little room left in it. Speaking to a friend, the preacher said: "There is still enough room in my suitcase for me to pack a guidebook, a lamp, a mirror, a telescope, a book of poems, a number of biographies, a bundle of old letters, a hymn book, a sharp sword, and a small library of thirty volumes."

2. The friend looked at the small space in the preachers suitcase and said, "How do you think you can manage to fit all that in the space that is left?" "Oh, that's easy," said the preacher, "for my Bible contains all of these things."

3. In the beginning, let me say that the Bible is superlative in its ability to meet the needs of our life. The Bible is:
* A mirror to show us ourselves as we are and may be.
* A laver to wash away our sin and defilement.
* A lamp and light to guide us in the right way.
* It is milk, bread, strong meat, and honey, affording sustenance and satisfaction to the believer at all stages of spiritual development.
* It is fine gold to enrich us with heavenly treasure.
* It is fire, a hammer, and sword to be used in the work and warfare of life.
* It is the seed to beget souls into God's image and plant harvest fields for God.

4. In the Bible, we find all that we need in every need of life. Before us in Psalm 119, the Psalmist testifies to the sufficiency of God's Word in the dark times of life. In verse 55, we see that the Word of God had been a valuable means of survival and strength in the "night."

5. Psalm 119 is one of the most interesting of all the Psalms. It is by far the longest Psalm, consisting of 176 verses. God is mentioned in every verse. The Psalm is presented in the form of an acrostic. It consists of twenty-two stanzas, each consisting of eight verses, and each emphasizing in order ...

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