by Ken Trivette

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The Teacher Of The Night-life (3 of 4)
Series: The Night-life of the Believer
Ken D. Trivette
Psalm 16

1. Contrary to what some may think, occasionally I will abandon my suit and tie for a pair of blue jeans, old shirt and cap. I remember one day that I was working around the house and needed to run to the hardware store and get something. Since I was working around the house, I did not have on my "clerical dress." I had on my over-all's and an old cap. I was dirty and sweaty on top of that.

2. I got what I needed and walked up to the counter. As I was paying for the things I had got, I invited the lady at the counter to visit the Church. She said, "I have visited there a couple of times. I really like the music there. That preacher there preached my grandmother's funeral." I said, "Is that right? What was your grandmother's name?" She told me and then paused for a moment and said, "You are that preacher, ain't you?" I said, "Yes, I'm that preacher." Then somewhat embarrassed she said, "I didn't recognize you without a suit and tie. You don't look like a preacher!"

3. Ron Dunn in his book, "When Heaven Is Silent," tells of a similar experience and writes: "The thought pounded at me: How many ministers had I missed because they didn't look like ministers? How many blessings had I forfeited because they looked like curses? How many kings had I turned away from my door because they were clad in the rags of a beggar? As I thought about it I realized that some of the greatest ministers God had sent to me were "strange ministers" 3/4 out of uniform and out of pulpit 3/4 and I didn't recognize them because they didn't look the way ministers are supposed to look."

4. God has many "strange ministers" that minister to our life. One of those "strange ministers" is the time of adversity and trial. As we have been noticing, this strange minister is often spoken of in the Bible as the "night" or the "night seasons."

5. In Psalm 16:7, the Psalmi ...

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