by Ken Trivette

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The Visitor Of The Night-life (1 of 4)
Series: The Night-Life of the Believer
Ken D. Trivette
Psalm 17

1. When a person speaks of the night life, it is usually in reference to the sinner and not the saint. The thoughts of a night life suggests a life contrary to a Christian. When we talk about a night life we usually think of parties, bars, and night clubs. We think of a life associated with a sinful lifestyle. Yet as one studies the Scriptures, you will find that there is a night life that is associated with the Believer. The ungodly have their night life, but there is also the night life of the godly. The night life of the sinner is often one of sin. The night life of the believer is often one of suffering.

2. The Bible has many references to the night. In fact, you will find that some of the greatest experiences of individuals in the Bible occurred at night. It was at night that God met Abraham and ratified the covenant He had made with him. It was at night that Jacob wrestled with an angel and was given a new name and power with God. It was at night that the Children of Israel were brought out of Egyptian bondage. It was at night that Gideon and his small army won a major victory. It was at night that Nicodemus met the Lord Jesus Christ. Many life changing experiences in the Bible occurred at night.

3. As you look at the night life of the believer, you will find that the night speaks of more than the time when the sun abandons us for a few hours and hides it face. It speaks of those times when it seems as if God has abandoned us and hid His face. The night life described in the Word of God is a time in the believer's life that is often associated with suffering and sorrow, trial and testing, adversity and affliction, despair and discouragement, and heaviness and heartache.

4. In the dark hours of September 12, 1757, barge after barge of British soldiers floated down the St. Lawrence River. As they neared their destination, the com ...

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