by Ken Trivette

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Dear Sardis: Your Church Is Dead (5 of 7)
Ken D. Trivette
Revelation 3:1-6

When the Lord wrote the Church at Smyrna, He did not have one bad thing to say about them. Yet, when He wrote the Church at Sardis, He did not have one good thing to say about them. If you or I had been evaluating these seven Churches, Sardis would probably have been the one with which we were the most impressed. This is the Church we probably would have wanted to move our membership.
The Church at Sardis reminds us that the things that so often impress us about Churches, least impress the Lord. We are often more captivated by externals when God is more concerned with internals. We would have said the Church at Sardis was alive, but God said it was dead.


The Lord usually began His letters by commending the Churches for the positives. But in the case of Sardis, the Lord started by condemning the negatives. There were no positives to commend.

A. In Its Appearance The Church Was Lively.

Jesus said, "Thou hast a name that thou livest" (Vs.1). From a human perspective this was a most impressive Church. I am sure that it never had a shortage of preachers that wanted to be pastor when its pulpit was vacant. It was no doubt considered a model Church in its day.
I can imagine that in its popularity it was second to none. It had a "name." The Church was well know. If you had visited Sardis and asked for directions to the Church, anyone could have directed you. It was the Church that preachers and people discussed. It was known through-out the land.
I can imagine that in its personality it was second to none. Every Church has its own personality. Some are cold and some are warm. Some are compassionate and some are complacent. Some are exciting and some are boring. This Church had a personality that was impressive. It was no doubt the envy of all the Churches. All the Churches wanted to be like Sardis.
I can imagine that in its programs ...

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