by Ken Trivette

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Dear Thyatira: You Have Woman Trouble (4 of 7)
Ken D. Trivette
Revelation 2:18-29

It is not unusual to hear about someone causing trouble in the Church. Some members are like the old man that had been a member of the church for 65 years. The new pastor said to him one day, "Being that you have been a member here for 65 years, I guess you have seen some mighty big changes here." The old man answered, "Yep, sure have, and I've been against all of them."
A farmer asked a restaurant owner if he could use a million frog legs. Desirous of putting frog legs on the menu more frequently, the owner asked the farmer where he could get so many. The farmer said, "My pond is overflowing with them. Their croaking is driving me up the wall." The owner told the farmer to bring him as many as he could. A week later the farmer returned with an embarrassed look on his face. He held up two scrawny frogs and said, "I was wrong about a million frog legs. These two frogs were making all the racket. I never knew two frogs could sound like a million." Many a congregation has a couple of croakers who complain enough for a hundred people.
The church at Thyatira had a member that was causing problems in the church. She was causing both personal and doctrinal problems within the Church. The problems that she was causing were so serious and severe that the letter the church received a stern rebuke and called for a swift reply.It is interesting that a woman had probably founded the church. Of all the seven churches, this one we know the least about. We do read in Acts 16 about a convert of Paul named Lydia. She was called a seller of purple and identified as being from Thyatira.
The city of Thyatira was famous for its making of a purple dye that was used to dye the garments of Kings, Queens, and emperors. It came from a shellfish in which one would slit its throat and from the throat of that shellfish they would get a drop of the purple dye. It was very expensive and in most cases use ...

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