by Ken Trivette

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A Certain Centurion Whose Faith Made Jesus Marvel (2 of 11)
Ken D. Trivette
Luke 7:1-10

Someone has said that each person has three spectators of their life: how we are seen by others, how we see ourselves, and how we are seen by God. It would be spiritually healthy to examine our lives in light of these three spectators.

First, there is the people around us. What is their opinion of us? Do they think of us as a splendid saint or a sorry sinner? Do they admire us or abhor us?

Furthermore, how do we view ourselves? Paul told us, ''For if a man think himself to be something, when he is nothing, he deceiveth himself'' (Galatians 6:3). Do we think of ourselves as having arrived or never attaining? Do we look at ourselves honestly or with blindness? Do we view ourselves with honesty or dishonesty?

Then finally, what does God see in us? At times we may deceive others and even deceive ourselves, but we can never deceive God. Oliver Cromwell ruled England between 1649 and 1658. He had a large wart on his face. One day when he was having his portrait painted, he said to the artist, ''Paint me just as I am, wart and all!'' God sees us warts and all! He knows all there is to know about us. Realizing this I wonder what His opinion is of us?

In the story before us of a ''certain centurion'' we find these three spectators. Being a centurion meant that this man was no ordinary man. He was a Roman military leader. Centurions were considered to be the backbone of the Roman army. He was a man of prestige and power. Yet the great thing about this ''certain centurion'' is that he was no ordinary man to Jesus. He possessed a quality of faith that made Jesus marvel.

Now let's consider the story of this ''certain centurion'' and notice these three spectators of his life.


This certain centurion was given high marks by those around him. Their opinions of him were good and lofty. ''Now when He had ended all His sayings in the audience o ...

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