by Ken Trivette

God Cares but Does Anyone Else?
Ken D. Trivette
Psalm 142:4

1. It was during a difficult time in David's life that he wrote Psalm 142. It was actually written in a cave. David was hiding from a jealous and enraged King Saul who sought his life.

2. In most Bibles, you will find that as an introduction, this Psalm is called a ''Maschil Psalm.'' ''Maschil'' means ''instruction.'' David is sharing with us lessons that he learned during this dark time in his life.

3. In the Psalm we see his distress, his desperation, and discernment. In verse 4, he makes the statement ''that no man cared for my soul.'' In his dark and difficult time, there was no one that sought to help him or encourage him. There was no shoulder to cry on, no friend to open up to. No man showed care or concern for David.

4. It was for certain that God cared. He says in verse 5, ''I cried unto Thee, O Lord.'' David knew that his Lord cared. As the songwriter said:

Oh, yes He cares, I know He cares,
His heart is touched with my grief.
When the days are dreary,
And the long nights weary,
I know my Saviour cares.''

5. We know that God cares, but what about everyone else? What about you and me? Does the world around us feel the same way? Do the people we know think the same of us?

6. I want us to take the statement of David and concentrate on what he said and think about the matter of caring. Let's consider 3 thoughts from the statement.


1. The statement reminds us that ''man'' is God's instrument of caring. God primarily does His work through human beings.

2. God in His Word used a flying raven, a talking donkey, a swimming whale, and a crowing rooster to achieve His purposes. He has used famines, winds, storms, and tempests to accomplish His plan. But the primary instrument and vessel God uses as a vessel of caring is ''man.''

2. Now what kind of ''man'' does God use? There are certain qualifications. Let me suggest 3 qualificatio ...

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