by Ken Trivette

A Wagon Train Revival
Ken D. Trivette
Genesis 45:16 - 46:7

1. I read the story of an English boy from Liverpool. One day he went for a swim. He stripped off his clothes and ran into the water. It was not long before he found himself being carried by the tide out into the sea. He struggled long and hard, but was not able to swim against the ebbing tide. At last he was picked up by a boat bound for Dublin. The sailors were good to him and gave him clothes to wear.

That evening a man was walking along the shore and found the boys clothes lying on the beach. Inside the lad's coat he found his name on a piece of paper by which he discovered who the clothes belonged to. The man assumed the boy had drowned and with a heavy heart went to break the news to his parents. He said to the father, ''I'm very sorry to tell you, I found these clothes on the shore and could not find the lad to whom they belonged. I almost fear he has been drowned.''

The father could not speak. He was so overcome with grief; the mother was wild with sorrow. They searched and searched for the boy, but he was no where to be found. It was a sad house as one can imagine. A memorial service was scheduled; the mother spent her time crying, and the father silent in his grief.

Mean while, the boy was transferred in Dublin to a ship bound for Liverpool. The ship arrived on the day on which the memorial service was scheduled. As soon as the boy reached Liverpool he headed for home. At last he came to the hall door and knocked. When the servant opened the door, she screamed with joy and shouted to the mourners that were gathered: ''Here is master Tom!'' The father rushed to the door and burst into tears, embracing the boy. The mother so overcome, fainted.1

2. If you can imagine that story, maybe you can imagine what it must have been like for Jacob when he received the news that his son, Joseph, was alive. For nearly 25 years he has believed his son was dead. But then there came the news he w ...

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