by Ken Trivette

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A Life That Is More Than a Life That Lasts Forever (8 of 8)
Series: The Wondrous Story
Ken D. Trivette
John 3:16

1. When we consider the wondrous story of our redemption, there is much to thrill and stir the heart of every believer.

2. ''For God'' ... It is a wondrous story to think that the God of heaven is also the God of this earth and He is deeply interested and involved in what He has created.

3. ''So Loved'' ... It is a wondrous story to think of how much God loves each of us. It is a love beyond description and imagination.

4. ''The World'' ... It is a wondrous story to realize that God created this world, but the world that is the object of His love is the people of the world.

5. ''That He Gave'' ... It is a wondrous story when one realizes that our salvation involved the Father giving His Son and the Son giving His life to purchase our redemption.

6. ''His Only Begotten Son'' ... It is a wondrous story that tells of God in three Persons, all involved in our salvation.

7. ''That Whosoever Believeth In Him'' ... It is a wondrous story that excludes no one and includes everyone and is by faith alone.

8. ''Should Not Perish'' ... It is a wondrous story that tells of how all can be saved from an eternal hell.

9. ''But Have Everlasting Life'' ... Finally we see that it is a wondrous story that brings, each person who comes to Christ, into a wonderful life. A life that those who having never been saved know nothing about.

10. The more we learn of this wondrous story the more we feel like Francis H. Rowley:

Yes, I'll sing the wondrous story
Of the Christ Who died for me,
How He left His home in glory
For the cross of Calvary.

11. Today, as we look at the final words of John 3:16, we see the end result of this wondrous story. It is a life that that is more than life that last's forever.

12. R. L. Moyer says of John 3:16: ''This great text tells us two things about God and two things about man: God loved the world and g ...

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