by Ken Trivette

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The World's Greatest Gift (4 of 8)
Series: The Wondrous Story
Ken D. Trivette
John 3:16

1. I once read about a Dutch businessman by the name of Evert Dekker. The story told of how he attracted a large crowd as he gave away 10 guilder bills ($3.80) outside a train station in North Holland. Police questioned him and found the bills were genuine and allowed him to continue. Each bill was with a note suggesting that the money could be given away or spent on food-or "you can also buy yourself a Bible. Then this bill will get everlasting value." This private campaign cost him $4000. 1

2. Occasionally we will hear a story of some act of philanthropy that impresses us and inspires us. But there is no greater story of giving than the wondrous story of how "God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son."

3. As one writer wrote:

Oh what a gift the Father gave
When He bestowed His Son,
To save poor ruined, guilty man,
By sin defiled, undone!

4. Mr. Dekker's act of giving cost him around $4000.00 dollars. But God's act of giving cost Him everything. His gift was by far the world's greatest gift.

4. Notice 3 things about God's gift.


1. Gifts are expressive of certain emotions and feelings. When we give gifts we do so to show:
* ADORATION - our love for someone
* APPRECIATION - to say thanks
* CONSIDERATION - we were thinking of them.

2. In the same fashion, God's great gift was expressive.

A. It Was Expressive Of His Person.

1. God's great gift reveals the giving nature of God. It shows the generosity, liberality, and great-heartedness of God.

2. Andrew Carnegie is remembered for his giving. One biographer estimated his wealth to have approached one billion dollars. Carnegie believed and preached that the great industrial barons should give back to the very ones who had made possible their wealth. Carnegie is remembered as one of America's greatest benefactors. It is r ...

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