by Ken Trivette

The Question Of The Ages
Ken D. Trivette
Acts 16:30-31

1. Quite often on our calendars there are what we call "Red-Letter Days." These are special days that are so marked because they have special significance. All of us have on our own personal calendars have certain days we would call "Red-Letter Days."

2. As for my own personal calendar, there are several days that I would call "Red-Letter Days."
* June 16, 1974 (My wedding day),
* July 23, 1975, April 4, 1978, June 17, 1981, (My boy's were born),
* September 29, 1997 (I became a grandpa).

3. But without question, the day that stands above them all is, April 2, 1972. That was the day I was saved. (Testimony) Of all days in my life, that day was the greatest of my life.

4. On that day my sins were forgiven, my life was changed, my future altered, and my eternity settled. Considering all that day has meant and will mean, it was the greatest day of my life.

5. In the summer of 1910, Mordecia Ham was holding a meeting in Galveston, TX. During this meeting, a great hymn we often sing was born. Ham was preaching on the subject, "Christ Our Refuge." In the audience was a man that had killed four men. He listened to Ham explain Christ as a refuge for sinners, a haven of hope and eternal forgiveness for all who will flee to Him. Midway through the sermon this man jumped up from his seat and shouted, "Saved! Saved! Saved!" Jack Scofield, who was leading the music, was so moved by what happened that the next day he composed both the words and music for the hymn entitled, "Saved, Saved." 1

6. I confess to you that sometimes when I get to thinking about the day God saved me, I feel like jumping to my feet and shouting, "Saved! Saved! Saved!."

7. Before us in Acts 16 is the story of the day (night) the Philippian Jailer was saved. In verse 30 we find him asking the question, "Sirs, what must I do to be saved." Let's consider this question.


1. Again, the ques ...

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