by Ken Trivette

Any Old Bush Will Do
Ken D. Trivette
Exodus 3:1-6

(A discouraged preacher came home one day and told his wife he was going to quit. When she asked why, he replied, ''I just feel used.'' She replied, ''I don't see why you are upset about that. I have heard you say many times you wanted to be used.''

1. I do not want to be used by people, but I do want to be used by God. I desire to be used. I long to be used. I pray to be used.

(The great violinist, Paganini, willed his violin to his home city of Genoa. His bequest carried one condition: the violin was never to be played and would simply be put on display. But as time has proven, a finely crafted instrument as the violin of Paganini needs to be used regularly if its beauty and value are retained. Paganini's marvelous violin has become nothing more than a decaying form. It has wasted away as a museum piece.

2. I do not want lived a wasted life that is useless to God. I want to be used of God.

3. I want us to notice in our text a ''bush'' that God used. Here is a bush that God used to get the attention of Moses. I want us to notice in this ''bush'' that God used some lessons about the ''believer'' God uses.

4. {Notice 3:2-3} Moses saw something that immediately attracted his attention...The sight of a burning bush in the desert would not get a lot of attention from Moses ...But a burning bush that wasn't burning up got his attention...It aroused in his heart a curiosity and he made inquiry into why it was not consumed.

5. A person that is being used of God and a place that is being blessed of God ought to arouse in our hearts a holy curiosity and an inquiry into why.

( R.A Torrey wrote a little book he entitled, ''Why God Used D.L. Moody.'' He gave 7 reasons why he believed God used Moody:
1. He was fully surrendered to God.
2. He was a man of prayer.
3. He was a deep and practical student of the Bible.
4. He was humble.
5. He was free from the love of money.
6. He had a consuming pas ...

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