by Ken Trivette

The Testimony of a Teenager
Ken D. Trivette
Genesis 37

1. Two mother's of teenage daughters were talking. One mother said, ''My daughter doesn't tell me anything. I'm a nervous wreck.'' The second mother said, ''My daughter tells me everything, and I'm a nervous wreck.''

2. One mother said she was worried about her teenage daughter and son failing eyesight. She said her daughter couldn't find anything to wear in a closet full of clothes, and her son couldn't find anything to eat in a refrigerator full of food.

3. As we all know, there are many more problems facing teenagers than ''failing eyesight.'' Listen to a few facts and figures about teen's.

4. After 16 years of decline, the teen population began to increase in 1992. In 1995 there were 29 million people age 12-19 in the U.S. The teen population will expand until 2010, to 34.9 million people age 12-19. i

5. According to U.S. News & World Report:
* There are 19 million 10 to 14 year olds in America today.
* Just over 50% of adolescents spend at least part of their lives in a single-parent home.
* Marijuana use doubled among eigth graders between 1991 and 1994.
* About 30% of teens have had sex by age 15.ii

6. I think of an article in the Chattanooga Free Press 12/20/96. The article told of a study done for the government found that drug use among teenagers is rising.
* Nearly one in 20 high seniors surveyed said they smoked marijuana daily.
* Among 8th graders, the proportion using any illicit drug in the previous year had more than doubled since 1991 - from 11% to 24%
* Among 10th graders, it had risen from 20% to 38%.
* Among 12th graders, it had risen from 27% to 40%.
* The study also found that 18% of 8th graders said they had used marijuana in the previous years compared to just 6% in 1991.
* 34% of 10th graders said they had used it in the previous year, compared to 15% in 1991.
* 36% of 12th graders said they had used it in the previous year, compared with 22% in 1991 ...

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