by Ken Trivette

Showdown for Iraq
Ken D. Trivette
Revelation 18

1. Bordering the Persian Gulf, between Iran and Kuwait, is a country, 423,162 sq. miles (slightly more than twice the size of Idaho); that has in the past few years, commanded the attention and focus of the world. The country that I refer to is Iraq.1

2. In 1979, Saddam Hussein became president of Iraq, and in the past 20 years, he has seen to it that his picture, words, and actions are plastered all over every newspaper and television screen in the civilized world.

3. For years, Iraq existed quietly and largely unimportant as a nation. But almost overnight, Saddam Hussein has lifted himself and his country into the forefront of world attention.

4. I do not believe this has been accidental, incidental, or coincidental. It is of my own personal opinion that this is providential.

5. I heard about a lady that was talking to her friend. She said, "I just got married." Her friend said, "Oh, that is bad."
"But he is rich."
"Oh, that's good."
"But he is stingy."
"Oh, that's bad."
"He just built me a big house."
"Oh, that's good."
"But it burned down."
"Oh, that's bad."
"Yes, but he was in it."
"Oh, that's good."

6. Much of what is going on in Iraq is bad. From the standpoint of Hussein's ruthless, merciless, barbaric rule, that has brought untold shedding of blood, suffering, sorrow, and violence, it is bad.

7. Saddam Hussein, whose name means "one who confronts," has lived up to his name since the day he became president of Iraq and chairman of the Revolutionary Command Council in July of 1979.

8. A few weeks after becoming president of Iraq, Saddam Hussein executed some of his closet friends and fellow members of the ruling Baath Party. Videotapes of the meeting at which the "traitors" were named showed Hussein reading their names from a list, pausing to puff on a cigar while members of his audience squirmed in their seats. Once their names were called, the supposed conspirators were mar ...

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