by Ken Trivette

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The Miracle of His Birth (1 of 3)
Series: The Birth of Jesus Christ
Ken D. Trivette
Luke 1:26-37

1. For 18 years Dian Fossey, the California-born zoologist, worked with gorillas on the continent of Africa, working in the Virunga Mountains, located in the nation of Rwanda. Leaving life on one part of this world, she moved halfway around the world to the region of the gorillas and literally lived among them.

She first began in 1963 and four years later, by 1967, the gorillas had come to accept her. Looking at the gorillas as deserving of her love, she identified with them, named them, cradled their babies, cried with them when they mourned their dead. She once wrote: ''These powerful but shy and gentle animals accepted and responded to my attentions when I acted like a gorilla. So I learned to scratch and groom and beat my chest. I imitated my subjects' vocalizations (hoots, grunts and belches), munched the foliage they ate, kept low to the ground and deliberate in movement.''

After 18 years with the gorillas, it was home. She had made her home with them, she became like them, she dwelt among them, they were her friends. And when faced with the danger of her mission, she would not leave. In 1985, Fossey died among those she came to save. Apparently knifed by poachers whose trade she sought to destroy, she died like those she came to live among and save.

2. When I think of Christmas, I think of how nearly 2000 years ago, Christ left the comfort of His heavenly home and entered into a hateful and hurting world. He lived among us, he experienced grief and pain and injustice. But He came with a purpose, to save a hopeless world. And in the end of his earthly mission, he died upon a cross of shame, for us.

3. Christmas has become in many instances, X-mas. Christ has been taken out of Christmas. But when you take Christ out of Christmas all you have is a holiday. But Christ in Christmas makes it a Holy Day!

Jesus asleep in the manager,
Joseph and ...

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