by Ken Trivette

Power on Three Levels
Ken D. Trivette
Mark 9:14-29

1. Jesus, Peter, James and John had been on the mountain. The other nine disciples had remained in the valley. Now Jesus returns with Peter, James, and John to the valley and as He approaches the nine, He finds them surrounded by a large crowd and engaged in an argument with the scribes.

Vs. 14 "And when He came to His disciples, He saw a great multitude about them, and the scribes questioning them."

2. The scribes were questioning the disciples. They had seen the disciples fail in a matter and were rubbing it in and no doubt the disciples were doing their best to defend themselves. All the time, a huge crowd had gathered around them and was listening to what was being said.

Vs. 15 "And straightway all the people, when they beheld Him, were greatly amazed, and running to Him saluted Him."

3. Jesus had just come from mountain where He had been transfigured and it is possible that what amazed the people was that He still had a heavenly sunburn from that glorious experience. Maybe there was some that of that glory still shining on His face. In any case, the people, when they saw Him, ran to Him and welcomed Him.

Vs. 16 "And He asked the scribes, What question ye with them?"

4. If I may put it in plain everyday language, Jesus was asking the scribes what they were giving his disciples such a hard time about. What was it? Let's consider the scene as a whole and learn the answer.

5. The scene before us is both tragic and thrilling. It is a story of power on 3 levels.
The power of Satan
The power of Jesus
The power of the disciples

6. One level of power breaks my heart. One level blesses my heart, while the final one burdens my heart. Let's work our way through the story and consider these 3 levels of power.


1. In the power that is mastering I refer to Satan's power. In this story we see Satan's power in and over a life. When Jesus asked the scribes wh ...

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