by Miles Seaborn

God's blueprint for giving
Miles Seaborn
2 Kings 4:1-7

INTRO. When needs suddenly fall in on you life, where is your source of supply? The world's pressure is to look to it; the scriptural truth tells us to look to God, that our total wealth is the wealth of heaven. If this is true, why are we not enjoying it? Because we have allowed the economy of this world to set our rules and to draw the lines of our activity and to be the source of our supply. We have lost in the midst of the rules of the earth the real, eternal, plan of economy that will stand when the stars begin to fall.

Our scripture is a fantastic story of a woman who found the true source of her supply. You will
remember that Elisha ministered in a day when the sons of the prophets were in the land. One of them had died, and he had left a widow and two young sons. The creditor demanded payment on those unpaid debts and threatened to take the two sons as slaves if prompt payment was not made. It was at this point that God's prophet, Elisha, came into the picture. The widow cried to Elisha regarding her need.

Let's this morning, for our study of the Word, divide the story into four movements.

- The Demand

- The Desperation

- The Dependence

- The Deliverance


1. The plan of God is often thrown into high gear with a great need or a great demand. Some
time in the midst of that great demand we discover the former source of our supply can no
longer be depended on.

ILL. This woman had looked to her husband as her source of supply for years. But alas, suddenly her supply was removed; there was no reason to trust God on her part during that time. How often God allows this to happen so that we will find out where we should look for our supply.

What was God's point of reference? God had allowed her need in order to meet her need.

ILL. There is a law operating in the spiritual realm that necessitates problems, needs and demands. God only supplies when there ...

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