by Miles Seaborn

No. 1683
BBC, 10-5-86,a.m.

Acts 9:1-9
Miles Seaborn

Intro: The conversion of Saul to Paul is one of the great days in the life of the
church. Important because it is mentioned three times in the book of Acts. Chapters
9, 22, 26. Paul many times alluded to it in his epistles. Paul's life turned on this
experience A-nd~9 does our understanding of God about salvation.

It is fitting that his conversion be very unique because Paul was such a unique

By birth: a Jew, citizenship a Roman, by education a Greek, by conversion and
grace, a Christian.

He was a missionary, theologian, evangelist, pastor, organizer, motivator, leader,
statesman, thinker, fighter for truth and at the same time lover of souls! Paul
w as everything that a Christian could and should be - being what Jesus Christ

His conversion is proof that God can take the worst of the worst, the hardest
of the hard and make them the best( No one ever gets too low to be unredeemable!

The first time we met Saul was as he stands watching a blood-thirsty crowd stone
Stephen (leading in this thing because they laid their clothes at his feet.)

Sometimes a trivial event can plant within the mind of a man a kind of idea time
bomb that doesn't detonate for a long time. Stephen's experience could well have
been such a time bomb in the life of Saul and it didn't explode until here on the
Damascas Road flat on his face when he saw Jesus. e

ILL. Abe Lincoln took a flat boat down Mississippi River
to New Orleans, saw his first slave auction. That burned itself on hi
brain in IS31. Yet it was 32 years later before he signed the
Emancapation Proclamation.-

So that experience of the sweet word of Stephen as he died, and his bloody broken
body began a battle for his soul that we see completed and won here in Chapter
(Background, Tarsus here)

I. THE INTENTION OF SAUL (Acts 26:9-11) Verses 1-2

Chapter 8 (laid waste, raveged, wild a ...

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