by Miles Seaborn

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No. 1606
ACTS 2:42-
Miles Seaborn

Introduction: Acts 2:42-47 are some of the key identifying characteristics
of the church! Frequently someone calls and asks me, "What is the name of a
good church in such and such a city?” I don’t have to ask him what he means by
“ A Good church." I think I know. But the important thing is that God's word
pictures a good church.

The greatest local congregation in church history numbered its members in the
thousands the day it was born! Even as a new baby congregation, it withstood
oppression from the powerful Roman government and religious bigotry from the
Jews. It grew and thrived in Jerusalem and soon reached a good portion of the
town for Christ. Its strength and commitment sprang from the basic qualities
that make a Rood church, a scriptural church, a model church.

ILL. Two basic records of the ideals this church.
The doctrinal art of the church from Ephesians and the
historical that is here in Acts 2. Jesus was still vivid
on their minds, when the gifts of the Spirit were fresh and
\when there was a vitality that was beautiful and glorious!

Review: Jesus had come, died, ascended into heaven, then sent the Spirit to
do His unfinished work. The Holy Spirit brought His followers together to form
the church, baptized them into the Body, filled them with His Spirit. They began
to speak the wonderful works of God in the languages of the people who were
there. Peter stood up in the midst of that, explained what was going on, and
announced to the Jewish population of Jerusalem that Jesus of Nazareth whom they
had rejected and crucified was both Lord and Messiah.

Powerful response (Verse 37) - cut to the heart/ Verse 41. 120 + 3,000. The
first day of its birth it had 3,120 members!!

IL. They kept rolls. They knew how many had
received Christ and bore witness of-that through baptism.
This is the basis for our keeping membership rolls today!
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