by Miles Seaborn

The First New Testament Sermon
Miles Seaborn
Acts 2:14

Intro: I guess it will happen soon. A cartoon in a recent edition of Leadership magazine pictured a large church building with a large billboard out front, reading: 24% fewer commitments Home of the 7.5% tithe 15 minute sermons 45 minute worship services 8 commandments - your choice 800 year millennium "Everything you've wanted in a church...and less!"

"The Lite Church." Lite drinks are being marketed, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. There are lite chips and lite snacks. And now, the "Lite Church."

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The thing that happened from the birth pangs of the church was that the gospel was preached

The book of Acts is a record of apostolic preaching. It was a priority in the early church. Acts 3.20, 4.2-, 8-:5, 25.:35, 9.-20, 27, etc. 13.14 17-20 to the end.

There we found a pattern of preaching that that carries down to this very day. Now some thoughts about preaching.

Much being written about the church today. Two dominating themes: counseling and church life. In many of these books there is a glaring omission of preaching. Some of them eliminates preaching altogether. Small group Bible studies, sharing groups, interaction groups. Seminaries are increasingly majoring on more

N.T. Sermon/2 and more things other than how to effectively preach the Word of God! (All these are valuable in their place but pass by the major theme of not only Acts but the whole Bible. All of these ministries are secondary to the preaching of the Word of God.

We make no apologies here at Birchman for making the proclamation of God's Word paramount when we meet to worship Almighty God!

ILL. When Paul instructed young preacher Timothy how to make his ministry effective He said, "Preach the Word.'

So should we ever h ...

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