by Miles Seaborn

No. /6cc
BBC/3-9-86, a.m.

"REVIVAL OR RUIN (Turn or Burn)"
Jonah 3:4-10
Miles Seaborn

I read recently about two little boys who were talking
about school. The youngest was just learning to spell
"cat." The older boy, encountering some difficulty in
his school work, said to the younger, "Don't learn to
spell 'cat.' If you do, after that the words get
harder and harder and harder."

We will never know all the reasons why Jonah, God's
servant, rose up to flee in the opposite direction
when God called him to go preach in Nineveh!

Maybe he was like the little/boy, and though if he
surrendered to God's will .God would ask more
difficult things of him. Fear? National pride of the
Jews that we heard shared so clearly last Sunday?
Other plan' for his life that God's calling would
interfere with? But he did Flee now and pay later.
And pay he did by having to enter Fish College to
finally surrender to God’s will.

1:10, "And the Lord commanded the fish and it vom
ited Jonah onto dry land."'

Three words outline Chapter 3:
1. Recommissioned. 1-2
2. Response. 3-4
3. Results. 5-10

RESPONSE "So Jonah obeyed the word of the Lord
and went to Nineveh." v.3

God ha not asked us to evaluate the gospel or am-
mend it (i.e. overturned, destroyed from the very

(ILL. John Claypool, "Every generation needs to
restate the Gospel in its own language and
situation to make it relevant. Not so! The
gospel is relevant in every generation and
to every individual because all men in ever
country and in every generation are lost
without Christ.

There is still land will ways be only one way to be
saved in 800 BC or 1986. Acknowledge that we have
sinned and turn to Jesus for forgiveness, cleansing and

How does personal revival/cooperate revival love come?
Always the same way. (If you are away from God, out of
fellowship, how will it happen?)

1. Obedience

You can trust God!” Jonah obeyed the wo ...

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