by Miles Seaborn

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BBC, 2-23-86/p.m.

Acts 2:1-4
Miles Seaborn

Introduction: Chapter 2 contains the Birth of the
Church and the baptism and the filling of the Holy
Spirit that ascended at the birth of the church.

My purpose:
All kinds of interpretations, some true, some error.
This is a sincere effort on my part with prayer and
study not to minimize what others think or believe.
Not to divide the body, but to clearly distinguish
what this passage says, with love and conviction.
Chapter 1: Preparation for the birth of the church.
Chapter 2: We see it born
Chapter 1: Disciples were waiting for the Holy Spirit
Chapter 2: He comes
Chapter 1: They were anticipating the birth of church
Chapter 2: It is born
Chapter 1: Disciples were equipped
Chapter 2: Disciples were empowered
Chapter 1: Disciples were held back
Chapter 2: Disciples were sent forth

This is a tremendous transitional passage. It is one
of the greatest changes that has occured in all the
scripture. The end of the old age/the birth of the new

The old age "The Spirit is with you."
The new age, "The Spirit is in you."
Old age, men served God out of fear and consequences
of the Law.
New age, men served God out of love energized by the
indwelling Holy Spirit.

Up until this time everything moved at God's time
O.T. Giving of Law
N.T. Birth of Jesus/his life/death/burial/resurrec-
tion and now the birth of His church that was to carry
the good news.

Baptism H.S./2

The definition of this change is found in John 7:37-39

"But this spoke he of the Spirit, whom they
that believed on him should receive, for the
Holy Spirit was not given because Christ was not
yet glorified.'

The Spirit age could not happen until Jesus was
glorified and ascended into heaven. Flow of history.

So- Chapter 1 is ascension of Jesus Christt
Chapter 2 is the coming of the Holy Spirit.
Church: Eccalsissa - called out ones. A mystery. The
bri ...

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