by Miles Seaborn

No . 1596
BBC, 2/16/86 p.m.
Acts 1:12-26
Miles Seaborn

Introduction: Chapter 1 is a study in two kinds of
disciples. A contrast between a true disciple and a
false disciple. Judas/Matthias.

Jesus wanted to be sure that PROPER MEN were involved
in carrying out his work and be ready for the experi-
ence that happened in Chapter 2 - Pentecost. So Jesus
is equipping his own. Chapter 1 is preparation for the
birth of the Church.

Jesus gave them the 1) Proper Message, 2) Proper
Manifestation - resurrection body, 3) Proper Might
the Holy Spirit, 4) Proper Mystery - Christ's return,
5) Proper Mission - they were witnesses to go to the
world, 6) Proper Motive. He would be coming back to
see if they had been faithful.

One thing yet was lacking - THE PROPER MEN (12-26). So
Jesus replaced Judas with Matthias. What a challenge
to grasp the truth. That God works his will through

ILL. The Sword of the Lord and of Gideon.
God used men.

Christian service is not a matter of recruitment. It
is a matter of divine appointment. Some say the
selection of Peter of Matthias was a mistake (Paul
should have been chosen.) I don't believe for a moment
that God would have allowed His church to be founded
on an error!

John 15:16: "You have not chosen me, but I have
chosen you and ordained you that you should go
forth and bring fruit."

Luke 6:13: Jesus did the choosing. "He chose 12"
Seventy chosen by God. Acts 10:39-41 - Witnesses
chosen by God!


"Pray ye therefore the Lord of harvest, that he
send forth laborers into his harvest.1

"How can they preach unless they be sent!1

Unless God has called, don't enter into it.

James - "Be swift to hear, slow to speak!"

Eph. 4:11 - "Christ appointed some apostles, prophets,
evangelists, pastors, teachers."

1 Cor. 12:27: "Set in order by God." Pastors,
teachers, woman preachers.

Three basic thoughts:
1. The submission of the disciples. 12-15.

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