by Miles Seaborn

Jonah in Fish College
Miles Seaborn
Jonah 2:1-10

Introduction: Fish College! Now how did Jonah get there and what did he learn?

God spoke to Jonah and gave him a work to do! ''Cry out against the wickedness of Nineveh, that great city whose sin has risen up like a foul order before God.''

On the map of Jonah's life that showed his direction, his purpose, his call, there were only two cities. Far to the east was Nineveh, far to the west was Tarshish. The city of Nineveh represented obedience to God, fol- lowing the will of God, fellowship with God, in line with the purpose of God. Tarshish represented disobeying the will of God. My life is my own, I'll do as I please. I want to live in Tarshish instead of Nineveh. Jonah ran away. As he faced the decision, he went west instead of east. I turn my back on the call and claim of God on my life. I'll go just as far as I can away from the will of God for my life.

Jonah went as far on land as he could go. At the port. city of Joppa he found a ship. Where is this ship going? Yonderr to Egypt to pick up a load of grain. That's not far enough. This ship? To Greece carrying olive oil and spices. That's not far enough. Where is this ship going? To Tashish. That is the edge of the known world, somewhere beyond Spain. That's for me!

Do you see the parallel? On the map of your life and mine, there are really just two cities. your Nineveh and the will of God. Your Tarshish representing your own will. You are going in one direction--toward this city, or this city - today, right now. The scripture talks about Abraham and Lot as they stood at the cross roads. It simply says that Lot pitched his tent toward the wicked city of Sodom. It did not say that Lot moved into Sodom. But 25 years later he was in the city, he was the mayor of the city. But it all started as a direction. He pitched his tent


You are pitching your tent toward Nineveh today--or toward Tarshish. I don't know what Nineveh is for your lif ...

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