by Miles Seaborn

No. 1593
BBC, 2-2-86, a.m.

Jonah 1:1-17

Introduction: Nineveh needed Jonah. One million
people in four Metroplex-like areas'. The center of
heathen, idol worship. (No preacher in it to proclaim
God's way. Wickedness so great and so vile it's odor
had reached heaven!

But Jonah needed Nineveh. You need that job! That
place of responsibility. That challenge. That stretch-

LlL. Philip Brooks would say--to his con-
greation, “Do not pray for an easier life; pray
to be better men and women. Do not pray for
tasks equal to your power: pray for power equal
to your tasks." (That is how we grow.)

God needed Jonah. He is mentioned 18 times. Jonah needed
God. God is mentioned 38 times. (Fish, 4) God uses
people to accomplish his task.

ILL. When God spoke to Cornelius (Acts 10)
"Send for Peter he will tell you how to be saved
Not the job of angels to tell how to be saved.
That is man's job."

It might be hard, but God has placed you there. The
will of God is the expression of the love of God. (If
God loved me he would get me out of this situation.
No.' Hold still for a moment. See what God teaches.)

Chapter 1 - PROVIDENCE
Chapter 2 - PARDON
Chapter 3 - POWER
Chapter 4 - PITY

Chapter 1 - Resignation; Chapter 9-, Repentance
Chapter 3 - Revival, Chapter 4 - Rebellion.

So Chapter 1 deals with God's work. Preach against

Flee/page 2
sin and for God. Word use God's not yours;
Workers, you are God's instrument; Will we must
obey God's direction and do His will.

But Jonah chose not to! Instead of rising up to obey,
he rose up to flee! And from that point on it was
downhill! Down to Joppa, down to the ship, own into
the sides of the ship, down into the fish and finally,
down into the fishes' belly!

The cost of Satan's new/old travel plan? Tremendous!
It took awhile for it to add up and come due, but it
did! What did he lose? What did it cost? What did he


J ...

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