by Miles Seaborn

"How To Be Thankful" Ar6
Matt. 6:9-13

Introduction: The disciple's prayer,
which is known as the Lord's Prayer which
we read this morning is an oft quoted
portion of scripture. With Thanksgiving so
soon upon us, it's entirely appropriate for
us to do a simple study from Verse 11 from
this prayer which reads,

"Give us this day our daily bread."

Such a request may seem out of place here
in Ft. Worth in our church in America; you
might think it would be uttered by people
in countries where famine is known and want
and need is a minute by minute companion.
But that only illustrates our lack of
understanding about what Jesus was saying
in this passage of scripture.

The of what he is saying is an
understanding of how to feel thankful. For
God appreciates our gratitude in return tr
what he has done for us. How do we
cultivate genuine, spontaneous gratitude
even for the little things of life?

ILL When Matthew Henry, the great
church leader and commentary of 18th
Century England was robbed by a highway
man, he wrote this in his diary:
"Let me be thankful, 1st,because I was
never robbed before; 2nd, because
although they took my purse they did
not take my life; 3rd, because
although they took my all, it was not
much; 4th, because it was I who was
robbed and not I who robbed someone

Thankful 2

Gratitude is an important element in the Christian
life, and Scripture admonishes us to have it. We
benefit from it and God appreciates it.
The word "bread" that this scripture refers to is
all of man's physical needs. There are five points)
this morning I'd like to make about God s provision
to man and in specific, God's provision to you and/
to me.


The substance here is bread. A physical

1. The first human need dealt with in the
prayer is physical.

That's because we must be alive and living
to bring glory to God on earth.

It thrills me to know that God, the God of
cele ...

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