by Miles Seaborn

Possessing God's Promises
Miles Seaborn
Joshua 3:1-8, and 13

Introduction: The story of the nation of Israel is not only an account of an infant nation in history, but it is also a parable of our lives today. The text, Joshua 3 that we read is only one part of that story.

In order to rightly understand the boldness of this experience, this venture of faith by God's people, let me remind you of the circumstances that surround this great event.

First, this as a t me in which God's people were on the edge of the Promised Land ready to march to their inheritance. You remember the story well. God's chosen people, the Israelites, had spent hundreds of years in slave camps of Egypt. In their hearts burned a dream, a vision, the inheritance of a land flowing with milk and honey. When God 'set them free through his leader, Moses, they marched out of that land of captivity, across a wilderness, to the very edge of the Promised Land.

At the edge of the Promised Land they discovered an eternal truth that you and I also must grasp even today. They discovered that God's promises must always be possessed . You recall the process-O 0spyn out the land, the majority, the minority reports of the spies, and then their sad, humanistic, fearful decision not to possess the land promised by God

God allowed them to wander in the wilderness 40 years until every person whose fainthearted faith had caused them- to say no to God was buried in the strange soil of a sterile wilderness. God then raised up a new generation, a generation obedient to him pared for them the opportunity to cross the Jordan River, to enter into the Promised Land and to possess the promises that God had already given them. On this occasion they found themselves on the verge of moving into the Promised Land. They were ready to March.

Second, another unique circumstance of our text is this. If you read further in this passage of scripture you will find that it was springtime. The River Jordan was at f ...

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