by Miles Seaborn

No. 1554
BBC, 9-17-85, p.m.
2 Thess. 3:1-17
Miles Seaborn

Intro: This final chapter of the two books is appropriately
focused upon a "soundness" of Christian discipleship until
the Lord returns' Remember, the second book is a second
letter itself - inextricably tied with the first one, but
clearly a separate letter. The "movement" of this second
epistle reveals excellent balance on Paul's part concerning
attitudes we should possess about the return of Christ!

In Chapter 1, the Lord's return is held as great consolation
for the saints in their great distresses; both consolation
for the present in vv. 4-7, and compensation for the future
in vv. 8-12.

In Chapter 2, Paul gives a word of correction concerning
the wrong ideas afloat about the Lord's return and certain
matters connected with it. Paul guides and corrects
as the "when" and "why" of the coming.

Then in Chapter 3, Paul passes on to give commandment
- not as a military general, but as an apostle of the
Lord. Four times that word command appears in this
chapter (vv 4, 6, 10, 12). The passage could be outlined
by the uses of that word command.

First books written, one of the earliest letter of Paul
written before the gospels.

Practical application:

Finally, finished his theological foundation, has major
things to say, so he is trying to wind it up'

"Pray for us!" This is the greatest Christian next to
Christ. The Lord has appeared to him several times.
He spent 3 years in Arabia getting his theology together,
yet he appeals, "Brethren, pray for me." If he sensed
that need, how much more you and I.

Continual action is a command mode. Continue always
to pray for us.



Samuel. God forbid that I should sin by failing to pray
for you."

"That the message of the Lord may spread and be honored."

Two verbs present tense. "Spread." To run a race effectively.
"Be honored" - Continued glory - triumph. From t ...

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