by Miles Seaborn

“Help for the Home”
1 Peter 3:1-7, Gen. 23.

A little girl told her mother she had heard the story of
Snow White and came to the place where the prince kissed
Snow White. She awakened from a deep sleep and the
little girl said, "And then, Mother, do you know what
happened?" Mom said, "And they lived happily ever after."
The little girl said, "No, they got married!"

Even though you are married you ought to be happy. Our
homes are a little of the remainder of the Garden of
Eden. They should be one of the most wonderful, precious
places on earth!

ILL. Many couples today have not been married
by the Justice of Peace, but the Secretary of
War, and they need help.

Some people marvel at love at first sight! A bigger miracle
than that is to keep on looking at someone and loving
them. Amen? To love that goes on and on 10,000 sight.

The devil knew that if he can hurt us at home, he can
Hurt us all over. So his objective is to wreck and ruin
Our homes.

Peter illustrates his sermon with a story from the life
of Sarah and Abraham. A significant thing about marriage
of Sarah and Abraham is that it lasted!

ILL. Gen. 23. Abraham wept over his dear dead
wife Sarah who died at 127 years old. Couple
who celebrated their 100th wedding anniversary.

He kneels over the cold clay of her body, remembers
how he courted her, a pretty young bride, wonderful
life together. But now she had traded the Bedouin
tent for an ivory palace. He himself that one day
soon he will finish that pilgrimage for a city whose
builder and ruler is God. He knows, that one day
they will be united. Because death can hide, but
it can not divide and she is but on Christ's other side.

Again, through all there the amazing thing was that they
made it. "Til death do us part." They didn't make it because
they were such wonderful people. No super saints. They
were flesh and blood like ...

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