by Miles Seaborn

1 Thess. 2:13-20

Intro: Paul shares his whole heart with the loving church
at Thessalonia.

He knew what it was to be worried by the Corinthian
and Galatian fellowships. But he found rest and peace
when he thought of God's work among the Thessalonians.
The most tired ministers have some bright spots and
some people that bring joy in their service for the

He knew that, “the word was working in them.” It is
by the word that we are brought to repentance, and
by that word that we are regenerated. Peter said:

“Being born again by the Word of God which liveth
and abideth forever.”

It is the word of the gospel that brings the message
home to the hearts and consciences of men, and by
that same truth they are sanctified.

How urgent it is that we see the Word of God clearly
as God's infallible and inerrent, totally reliable word
that gives us direction.

Now they did not see the gospel as the word of men,
and their faith was not based on the clever, eloquent,
logical, dogmatic or affectionate way in which it
was preached. They received it as God's revealed
word, and therefore, it did its work.

Question: Do you receive the Word of God on its
own merit, or what men say about it or how they
validate it?

ILL: "Whoever made this book," said a Chinese
convert, "made me. Because it tells me the
thoughts and the actions of my heart and my
very life.”

When God's word is preached, for instance to an Indian
of long ago, it brought that conviction in his heart
and grace in his life when he repented of his sins.
When that word was preached in Greenland to a man
that missionaries said was so soddish and senseless
because of his sin that he was scareless removed
from the fish on which he lived, it brought conviction
and conversion. Wherever God's word is preached,
it does its work because it works.

Someone said the edition of all the word of God is
the ...

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