by Miles Seaborn

1 Corinthians 3:9-15

Intro: Construction slump, home building. You might never
have thought of yourself as a builder, but God says you
are. Everybody here this morning who is saved is a builder.
Either wood, hay, stubble builder (carnal)
gold, silver, precious stone builder (spiritual)

Because. Every believer is building upon that foundation,
the Lord Jesus Christ.

You ask what kind of builder am I? What kind of building
am I building?

A coming day of declaration (v. 13)
"The day shall declare it'"

Not a matter of saved or lost; you settled that by what
you do with the Lord Jesus Christ. But what kind of builder
you are - wood, hay, stubble or gold, silver, precious stones.

"It will be revealed by fire."

ILL. God will give all Christian's work the torch
test. Wood, hay, stubble will burn; gold, silver,
precious stones can't burn. They have already been
through the fire. That is how they got to be what
they are!

(Crucible of fire)
Every Christian who is a Spirit-filled Christian
has already had the purging of God's Holy Spirit
to burn out dross.

ILL. Remember, there is a judgement of works
of Christians' Good life will get you to heaven;
God is like Santa Claus, making a list, checking
it twice, going to find out whose naughty or nice.
Naughty - hell; nice - heaven. But your salvation
is determined by one thing. What you do with Jesus.

"He that hath the Son hath life; He that hath not the
Son hath not life, but the wrath of God is abiding
on him."

I. A DAY OF REVELATION - Revealed by fire.

What is important in life? When the torch comes, might
Not amount to much. What do you see as important?

ILL. I Samuel 16:6-7, Eliab, tall, handsome. Aren't
you glad that some that may not be beautiful,
handsome, outstanding personality, but have a
heart toward God that is true, right. God looks
on the heart!

ILL. Luke 16:15. "You are the ...

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