by Miles Seaborn

How To Treat Men and Women in the Church
I Timothy 5:1-2

Dr. H. Hobbs said, "There are only two kinds of
people I know who begin at the top - well diggers and
pastors. The longer the well digger works, the lower
he gets: That should not be true of pastors. At all
times he should maintain a high relationship with his
people and his work.

Paul is sharing with pastor Timothy how to respond
or treat his specific members on matters which touched
the entire church/Christian community.

1. He reminded Timothy why he had been left in Ephesus
Ch. 1

2. He gave directions for the conduct of both men/women
in worship. Ch. 2

3. He stipulated the qualification for pastor/teachers
and deacons. Ch. 3

4. He pointed out the path which Timothy and leaders
under his direction must follow to avoid falling
away from God's best and grow as ministers. Ch. 4

Now he deals with every age level in the life of the
church family.

older men/younger men
older women/younger women

ILL. Notice that Paul did not classify
people "old/young" = he called them men/
women. The Greek term is older/younger.
(Man = 12 years of age)

ILL. of Bill Gothard "There is no such
thing as "a teen world". The reality of life
is the same at any age. There are just
children, just older/younger men and women.

Paul brings up a delicate subject reprimand or
rebuke of a Christian brother or sister. Pastor - People

It is always a difficult thing to reprimand anyone
with graciousness and especially so when they are older.

First we may so dislike the task of speaking a warning
word that we draw back - fail to do it.

But remember - many a person would have been saved from
sorrow/shipwreck if someone would have spoken a warning
in time.

Tragedy to hear - "If you had only spoken to me in time."
It is always wrong to speak a godly ...

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