by Miles Seaborn

Miles Seaborn
Exodus 34:29-35

Intro: I'm going to preach to me this morning and let you
listen. I have a message today that I need. Much thought
and prayer have gone into searching my heart, and I
am talking to me but I'm also talking to you about the
life that glows!

We as Christians ought to be growing Christians, we
are to be going Christians, and we as Christians ought
to be glowing Christians. There ought to be a radiance
and shine about us, not just physical exuberance, but
from within - from the presence of God.

Moses has seen the glory of the Lord, had fellowship
with Him, and as a result there was such a radiance
others knew it.

That is what I want with my life. That when I speak,
there would be such a radiance/glow that the people
would know it was from God and I had been with Him.

ILL. Moses came down from mountain. People
knew that the message was from God.

ILL. Moses and veil. After a while Moses lost
that glow, even though he wore the veil the
glow was gone. What a sad note of many of
us. Living with the veil but without the glow.
Lost the radiance!

I wonder how many ministers/staff/leaders stand to preach,
teach, minister. The veil is on but the glow is gone.
Could it be you? God forbid that should happen to you
Sunday school teacher, or to you, Mr. Deacon. You may
fool others, but not God.

Eight steps to be a glowing Christian:

1. Determination. Exodus 33:1

"I'm going to send my angel, drive out enemy.
People mourned. Why? They needed more than and,
His angel - they needed God." Verse 14-15

* We are willing to take second best.

Eyes on success, numbers, budgets, beauty
of building. We can have all that without the presence
of the Lord! We have been blessed so much, but oh,
we must have the presence of Almighty God.

Verse 5: "If your presence does not go with us,
do not send us up from here!"

I want reality - you God - not angel. Are you content
t ...

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